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Who are we?

Kin-Dir Education Foundation is a not-for-profit, Private ECS Operator based in Calgary, Alberta. It was co-founded by three colleagues who wanted to create an educational experience that was accessible and equitable for all children. Kin-Dir was founded on the principles of quality education, efficacious intervention, and promoting family involvement as a valued stakeholder in their child’s education.

Kin-Dir Education Foundation works closely with support professionals in the community including doctors, social workers, preschool teachers, and allied agencies. The early intervention program understands that navigating Early Childhood Services can be daunting for families, and are committed to providing parents with accurate information, choices for their children, and measurable outcomes that show improvement.

What is our Goal?

Kin-Dir Education Foundation’s goal when working with children is to support their total development based on their individual needs.  We strive toward preparing the child to be successful in multiple environments; in the home, child care setting, school, and community.  School readiness and social/emotional maturity are two focus areas within our program.

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Why Early Intervention?

Studies have shown that it takes four times as long to achieve the same results when intervention is delayed until the grade school years. Early intervention is key to providing children with the skills to increase their chances for success later in life.

What is Therapy?

While intervention can take multiple forms throughout the school year, Kin-Dir Education Foundation believes that play is the absolute best medium through which children learn. All our clinicians are trained to work with children within their environment, using the environment as a means of engagement and teaching. We try to promote alternate behaviors by making children as comfortable as possible and using developmentally appropriate best practices.

We also believe in communities of care and in the power of our partnerships. We only provide treatment and consultation within our partner programs or within the family home. Occasionally, parents are invited for workshops or sessions at our office to learn more about themselves and to better understand their children.

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We can help you!

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